Friday, May 7, 2021

Joe Biden's "Popularist" Politics

My latest at The Liberal Patriot:
"A lot of what Joe Biden is doing or trying to do is very popular! The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan had and continues to have very high levels of support. The American Jobs Plan (AJP) and the American Families Plan (AFP), a cool $4 trillion between them, also seem to be generating strong support.....
This is great stuff. Biden is practicing what some are now terming “popularist” politics. This is the seemingly obvious—but frequently ignored--principle that if you want to do good things for people, it makes sense to concentrate on initiatives that are actually popular so you can get elected to do those good things and then pass them when in office. This leads in turn to the opportunity to do more good things and so on.
That’s not rocket science but it’s extremely important. But let’s be realistic here: as smart as Biden’s popularist politics is around these issues, there is still very far to go to achieve the changes in American society progressives—and all people of good will--should want."
Read the entire article at The Liberal Patriot, where I discuss what else needs to be done....and isn't being done.

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