Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Liberal Patriot

I wanted to let everyone know about my new venture, The Liberal Patriot, which I am doing in conjunction with John Halpin, Peter Juul and Brian Katulis. We have become convinced that the center-left in America is broken in important ways that will impede its future success and ability to improve the country. We hope to contribute to a broad discussion about how to fix this. Please click through to our Substack site and subscribe to our free (and will continue to be free) newsletter. Wee also are inaugurating a Twitter feed for those of you who are interested.
Our vision
The Liberal Patriot seeks to establish an intellectual hub for renewing liberal values in America and reshaping the political conversation on the center-left around the ideas and values necessary for national economic development and international policy that advances American interests. Too much of modern political discourse revolves around unsolvable cultural divisions between people rather than common objectives that advance the wellbeing of all people. What sets liberal democracy apart from other ideologies and systems of government is a focus on the common good and dignity of all people, a commitment to pluralism, and a rejection of reductionist tribal thinking that drives Americans apart through endless culture wars. The Liberal Patriot will therefore provide an alternative to existing ideologies and programs on offer from both right and left: the dead-end gridlock produced by right-wing populism, democratic socialism, and multicultural identity politics, as well as the growing authoritarian waves sweeping the globe.
We aim to build a community of like-minded thinkers, policy wonks, political analysts, campaign managers, and rising political leaders that can serve as the intellectual and political nucleus for a new center-left politics in an America still searching for a way forward in the twenty-first century. The ideas that the liberal patriotism project generates will be translated into practice. It will support new ways of thinking about politics and policy, robust and empirically-grounded analysis, and a communications effort that can impact the political conversation on the American center-left.
The results of the 2020 election – a resounding personal defeat for President Trump combined with a decline in support for Democrats in Congress and most state houses – show that the American people are looking for a fresh political alternative. This project aims define a new vital center for American politics with a liberal patriotism that can succeed in 2022 and 2024 – and lay the ideological foundation for an enduring center-left coalition in the years and decades beyond.

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