Tuesday, January 19, 2021

As We Exit the Trump Era....What Do the American People Want?

Well, pretty much what you'd expect, though there are some interesting differences between a new survey (AP/NORC) which asked what problems respondents would like to see the government working on in 2021 (up to 5 responses accepted; open-ended) and another new survey (Morning Consult) which asked for respondents' top priority for Biden to accomplish during his first term (open-ended). For example, climate and social issues are way down the list as a top priority in the Morning Consult poll but do better in AP/NORC as one of a number of problems government should attend to in 2021.
That said, it certainly appears that, above all, people want action on the economy and COVID. To the incoming administration's credit, it does seem like they get this. Hopefully, a new era is dawning. We shall see.

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