Thursday, June 14, 2018

Who Says Democrats Can't Reach the White Working Class?: The Case of Ohio

It's early days but Democrats have to feel good about what's going on in Ohio. Ohio swung sharply toward the GOP in 2016, supporting Trump by an 8 point margin. This was above all driven by a massive shift in his favor among white noncollege voters, who gave him a whopping 32 point margin.
Democratic candidates for Governor and Senator this year are turning this around. Incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown leads his opponent Jim Renacci by 17 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll and is actually winning white working class voters by a point. Even more impressive, Democrat Richard Cordray is leading former Republican Senator Mike DeWine--the early favorite--in the Governor's race by 2 points, with a relatively modest 10 point deficit among white noncollege voters. In Ohio, and especially recently, this is a very impressive performance among this demographic. If he can keep this up, his chances of winning are excellent. The white working class may not be as hopeless for Team Blue as many suppose.
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Richard Cordray has a surprising lead over Mike DeWine in the gubernatorial contest.

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