Friday, May 18, 2018

Is the GOP Playing Generational Poker?

Ron Brownstein thinks so. In his latest piece for the Atlantic, he notes that:
"[T]he GOP strategy for surviving the midterm elections is based on a generational wager. The Republican bet is that the party can mobilize elevated turnout among their older and blue-collar white base without provoking the young and racially diverse voters who personify the emerging next America to show up on Election Day to defend it. Few things are likely to shape November’s outcome more than whether that bet pays off."
He then goes on to discuss various warning signs that indicate that bet could, in fact, pay off. A useful read, buttressed with copious data, that helps guard against complacency.
About this article
The GOP is doubling down on its older white base—and hoping the more diverse Millennials don't show up to the polls.

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