Thursday, July 27, 2017

Today's Data Tip: Our World in Data

I'm a big believer in having a long-run outlook on the world, informed by how the world's changed in the last decades and centuries. People are often curious where they can get such information without, say, reading a zillion books and articles. Well, look no farther! The place to go is Max Roser's fabulous site, Our World in Data

It's an absolutely stunning achievement in data synthesis, drawing from many, many sources to explain and display--primarily in clear, visually appealing charts and maps--how the material situation of humanity has changed over time. Areas covered include food, health, growth and inequality, population, energy, environment, war and peace, education and much more. And in each of these areas, there are typically a number of sub-topics, each with their own chain of charts, maps and tables. It's really just incredible.

I can't believe everyone doesn't know about this resource! But now you do. I defy you to spend a few hours rummaging through Our World in Data without concluding that, despite rampant pessimism, humanity today is far, far better off than it's ever been.

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