Saturday, June 25, 2022

Welcome to the Endless Fight

At The Liberal Patriot, John Halpin surveys the landscape after the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Not good.
"So, the Republican path for a national ban on abortion is not difficult to sketch out—as soon as the next presidential election. Americans won’t like this at all but Republicans don’t seem to care about national opinion or concern themselves with blowback given feckless opposition and advantages in the Senate and Electoral College.
On the other side, the Democratic left is about to implode completely on this issue. They can’t think straight about any issue these days and will probably move away from a sensible Roe-like defense of abortion rights to a more extreme position of abortion at-all-times with no restrictions. Since most Americans don’t like this position, and prefer the Roe status quo to alternatives, it won’t go far outside of the confines of deep-blue states and leftist Twitter circles. Likewise, the threat of pro-abortion militancy in response to the ruling is very real and will further repel voters from the cultural positions of the far left."
Read the whole thing at The Liberal Patriot!

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