Friday, February 18, 2022

The Emerging Democratic Majority Meets the Vulgar Marxist!

I had a fun time with Matt Thomas on his new podcast that goes with his excellent Vulgar Marxism substack. Thomas uses the razor sharp tools of Marxist class analysis to interrogate my shameless neoliberal revisionism, particularly as it applies to the past and current role of the professional class.
I take a stand for Michael Harrington's "left wing of the possible" approach. I also emphasize, as we used to say in grad school, the relative autonomy of the cultural and ideological moment in late capitalism. (h/t Louis Althusser)
Of course, the Vulgar Marxist disagrees which is what made this such a fun conversation. Give it a listen. Here's his description of the pod:
"Ruy Teixeira on "The Emerging Democratic Majority" Twenty Years Later
We discuss professional class hegemony within the Democratic Party, the morbid symptoms of neoliberalism, and if the coalition he advocated for was ever really possible, or doomed from the start."

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