Thursday, February 13, 2020

Klobuchar As Republican Killer

You may have heard that Amy Klobuchar has run well in her elections in Minnesota. But you probably don't realize how crazy good her performance has been there, as she's swept across all demographics in the state, decimating the GOP in most groups, while reducing their margins to pathetic levels in their best groups.
Consider these data points, both from Klobuchar's 2018 Senate run and, for comparison, from Clinton's Presidential performance in the state in 2016. (All data from Catalist Analytics)
White college women: Klobuchar +52, Clinton +23 (!)
White noncollege women: Klobuchar +21, Clinton -4 (!!)
White college men: Klobuchar +28, Clinton even
White 18-29: Klobuchar +39, Clinton +8
White seniors: Klobuchar +14, Clinton -15
Rural white: Klobuchar -5, Clinton -34
Rural white college: Klobuchar +14, Clinton -23
Rural white noncollege: Klobuchar -12, Clinton -38
I rest my case.

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