Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Well, the Republicans Did Accomplish One Thing by Trying to Repeal the ACA

Many more Americans are now convinced that it's the responsibility of the government to provide universal  health care. It's now up to 60 percent for to 39 percent against, practically the reverse of public sentiment four years ago. And this sea change in attitudes appears to have a lot to do with reactions to GOP attempts to take away the ACA's extensions of coverage. People may not be totally delighted with the ACA but they have definitely warmed up to the idea that government should somehow make sure people have health care. As conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer noted when ACA repeal efforts first ran into trouble: “A broad national consensus is developing that health care is indeed a right. This is historically new. And it carries immense implications for the future. It suggests that we may be heading inexorably to a government-run, single-payer system.”

Now wouldn't that be terrible! 

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